Hard-Chrome Coated Stainless Sleeves

Dura Sleeve

Provides: a new sealing surface for shafts damaged by the oil seal

Made from: 304 stainless steel with Hard-Chrome surface. Available in over 100 popular sizes.

Unique Features:

  • Hard Chromed wear surface
  • Friction and wear resistant
  • Heavy Duty-High Performance

Use on: Shafts, Yokes, Harmonic Balancers, etc.
Made in Canada


Bi-metal saw blade with weight was used riding on the sleeve surface, spinning at 625 RPM


Sleeve without protective hard chrome surface wore through in 1 minute.
Dura Sleeve with Hard-Chrome coat survived the abuse for 1.5 HOURS!

Durability Matters - Use Dura Sleeve on YOUR projects!

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