How to Install:

  • Clean all surfaces where the seal contacts the shaft. File down all burrs or rough spots.
  • Measure the diameter of worn and unworn part of the shaft in 3 locations.
    (Fig.A) The average diameter should be within the range printed on the box label to ensure sufficient press-fit. (Cement not required)

  • Mark the exact location on the shaft where the sleeve must be placed to cover the worn area.
  • If the wear is deep, fill the worn area with metal type filler & install the sleeve before the filler sets.
  • Place the installation tool over the sleeve. (Fig.B)

  • Hammer gently on the installation tool (or squared off tube of same diameter for longer reach) until the sleeve reaches the right location on the shaft. (Fig.C)

Only if the Flange Removal is Necessary:

  • Use side cutters to cut all the way to grooved line (preferably prior to beginning installation).
  • Fold the flange back & forth progressively along the groove to obtain clean undistorted break. (Fig.D) Pulling action alone may cause unwanted damage.
  • Keep the repaired area smooth & free of burrs.
  • Lubricate before installing the seal.

WARNING: Contents are Sharp!

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