About Us

Dura Sleeve Inc. created our first sleeve in 1998. After years in the diesel parts industry, our founder Rudy Karola and his long-time friend Ray Waddell wanted to create a better, thin wall wear sleeve. Incidentally Ray was the inventor of the original International Speedi Sleeve in 1966, out of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Their combined knowledge brought a revolutionary change to the wear sleeve industry. The durasleeve had a harder surface, with less friction and more corrosive resistance. The industry was thrilled to see Ray improve on his original invention. This improvement meant less down time, less cost outlay and simply a more durable sleeve.

Sadly, in October of 2017, Ray passed away. He was much loved by family and friends alike.

Dura Sleeve Inc. continues to remain a family business, the way that both Ray and Rudy wanted. We at Dura Sleeve are happy to provide you with the best wear sleeve, and to thank you for using durasleeve on your equipment.

All the best,

The Dura Sleeve Team


Q: What is a speedy sleeve?

A: Speedy sleeve was invented in Burnaby, B.C. Canada, and has become world-renowned for its quick and cost effect repair of damaged shafts – in fact, we still have one of the very first sleeves ever made. The sleeve enables the same seal to be used, without replacing the shaft.

Q: What is a Durasleeve?

A: Durasleeve was a concept brought to life by the original inventor of the speedy sleeve Ray Waddell and his long time friend Rudy. The goal: to create a better, more durable sleeve.

Give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

Q: Why use the Durasleeve?

A: The Durasleeve is easy, saves time and saves money. Most important, the Durasleeve is made to last, so you can reduce downtime and maximize your equipment’s uptime, bringing real value to you and your customers.

Q: Where can I buy a Durasleeve?

A: Dura Sleeve Inc. is a manufacturer that sells through retail, wholesalers and resellers. Your local bearing warehouse, truck parts store, and equipment parts distributor can access our large selection of sleeves. Tell them you want “The Durasleeve”. It’s the one in the “blue box”.

If you want to know more or want to become a distributor, give us a call or email. 604-888-9090 sales@durasleeve.com.

Q: Do you have a sizing chart?

A: Yes, see the Resources page on this website. Also available for download.

Q: Why can’t I find the size I need?

A: The possibility of diameters is infinite. We provide sleeves from 5/8” (15.8mm) to 7” (177.8mm) in the most common sizes. If you feel there is a size that is common and we do not have it listed, reach out to us by phone or email. Our technical team would be happy to hear from you.

Q: How to remove the Durasleeve?

A: Typically a heat gun/blower can be used to warm the sleeve up enough to expand it and take it off. You can also gently peen the full width of the surface, being careful not to damage the shaft, or, very carefully cold chisel along the axis. A sleeve cannot be re-used.

Q: Will you make custom sizes?

A: If you are looking for a custom size to meet a large demand, let us know. If you need just one or two sleeves, a machine shop might be your best alternative.

Q: Do you supply longer install tools?

A: The Durasleeve fits so many applications that it is impossible to provide a tool for every length. Many of our customers use the install tool to size up the diameter of pipe they need if the install is further down the shaft.

Q: Do you have a size chart for the various engine components that the Durasleeve can be used on?

A: The Durasleeve is so versatile that the applications are endless. That said, our part numbers do cross reference easily with the most common speedy sleeves.

Q: How is the Durasleeve supposed to fit?

A: The sleeve is designed to be an interference fit; it should not slide on freely. Please see the sizing chart to determine the shaft diameter range a sleeve can fit.

Q: Should I use an epoxy filler or locking compound?

A: Depending on the damage, it may be beneficial to use a compound to take up the large wear areas in the shaft. If you use a filler or locking compound, the sleeve should be installed before it hardens.

Q: What and where are some applications for use?

A: The Durasleeve has been install by our customers on crankshafts, driveshaft yokes, gear box output shafts, PTO shafts, harmonic balancers, flywheels, wheel spindles, axles, pump shafts, and so much more.

Q: Can I use the Durasleeve on a boat trailer axle?

A: The Durasleeve is a great choice for trailer axles. The stainless steel and hard chrome composition enables the sleeve to last longer when exposed to road grime and salt water.